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The real estate company Activ Property Services assisted Duvenbeck Romania to relocate its Bucharest headquarters in Preciziei Business Center office building.

Duvenbeck Romania has over 7600 sq m logistic space in Brasov, Arad, Ploiesti and Pitesti, 900 employees, owns a fleet of over 250 trucks and over 500 trailers.

Duvenbeck Romania was founded in 2005 and abtained a turnover of over 70 milion euros in 2017.

Worldwide,  Duvenbeck Logistick has over 35 locations in eight countries, over 5500 employees and manages more than 200 000 sq m of logistics space.  Most of Duvenbeck's customers activates in the automotive field: Ford, BMW, Continental, Audi, Volvo, Wolkswagen, Opel, Porche, etc. Duvenbeck Logistik is one of the largest transport and logistics companies in Romania.

Duvenbeck’s new office space occupy 118 sq m on the 4yh floor of Preciziei Business Center office building, located in West Bucharest, on Preciziei Street, near the crossroad with Valea Cascadelor Street. The location is 5 minutes walking distance from both Iuliu Maniu Boulevard/Pacii Metro Station and Preciziei Metro Station.

"Preciziei Business Center has been selected by Duvenbeck, due to better traffic conditions in the wester part of Bucharest compared with the northern parts, the availability of subway infrastructure easy accessible and flexible partitioning options that have allowed the new space to be configured according to our customer requirements." says Andrei Birsan, Head of Office Department at Activ Property Services